About KTIK


Ktik Design Inc. is a turnkey commercial interior design business agency that specializes in tenant improvements and packaged fixture solutions.
We create spaces to provide an ergonomic, functional, and aesthetic work environment for society.

Interior design
Product procurement
Project scheduling
Funiture and fixture installation
Project management

At KTIK design, we have made a branch of knowledge of our distinctive design and construction processes.

1. Concept Design
Meet with a client to pinpoint and idetinfy each of his/her specific goals for what they want in an edifice.

2. Schematic Design
Next, create an elaborate 3D rendering of the building’s exterior as well as an illustrated floor plan.
When these two blueprints have corresponded with each other, go through the remaining stages of the pre-construction process.

3. Design Development
This following stage requires creating detailed floor plans, interior elevations,
3D renderings and layouts, light and plumbling fixtures, and obligatory specifics about building sections.
In order to illustrate an accurate arrangement of the built capacity,
devise a detailed measurement drawing, select all of the interior design references for the client, and make a 3D visualization of each room in the buidling.

4. Construction Documents
Now that the exact blueprints are in place, we’re ready to begin the construction process.
Final internal space, Flooring layout, Ceiling layout, Power socket outlet layout, Lighting layout, Door layout, Wall lighting layout, Wall elevation layout
Lighting fixture specification sheet
Finish schedules

5. Government (Building & Safety, Health Department, Water district, etc.) permit process

6. Construction begins
Once construction begins, there is the additional possibility of onsite design supervision by members of the team.